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Women Who Run with Horses

Sep 5, 2018

On today's Episode I am joined by Ciel Ellis. Ciel is the founder and CEO of The Ellis Institute.  Her story is one of the wounded healer rising above the events of her life that were threatening to consume her brilliant future.  The first 25 years of her life were spent in varying degrees of trauma, while the net 25 years have been coming the process of coming back to herself.  Now she is on a mission to reveal the path to freedom so that other women can find their way to this place of empowerment, purpose, and passion. 

On the episode we talked about how we move past our traumas and the importance of moving beyond our the stories and past so we can step into our brilliance and potential.

If you are moved to learn more about Ciel after listening you will her contact below along with some books that were made referenced during our conversation together.
Debbie Ford. The Secret of the Shadow
The Scientist that I referenced is:
James W. Pennebaker, PH.D. 
Writing to Heal. A guided journal for recovering from Trauma and Emotional Upheaval.