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Women Who Run with Horses

Jan 18, 2019

On today's podcast we are speaking with Alexa Linton. 

A life-time animal lover and completely horse-obsessed, Alexa Linton has dedicated her fifteen-year career to the well-being of animals and their people, becoming an international facilitator, the author of Death Sucks: A Straight-up Guide to Navigating Your Pet’s Final Transition, the host of The Whole Horse Podcast, co-founder of the Cowgirl Re-union, creator of The Whole Horse Apprenticeship, and continuously continuing her education and practice of animal therapies and animal communication.


She has a degree in kinesiology, a certificate in Equine Sport Therapy, five years of advanced work and facilitation in BodyTalk, and has completed 2.5 years of a five year osteopathy program. She is also the only facilitator trained to teach Laura Bird’s One Spirit Animal Communication: Activation course. Thank you Laura for trusting me to share your amazing course! Within the horse industry, Alexa strives to shed light on unworkable, harmful systems and practices and to provide healthier, more sustainable and understanding ways to move forward with the horses in our lives.


Alexa lives at beautiful Firefly Farm on unceded Coast Salish territory in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island in Canada with her two dogs Reilly and Solo, her mare Diva and her cat Parker.


You can find Alexa at: