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Women Who Run with Horses

Jul 11, 2018

Since I was a little girl I had this appreciation that there was something unique about being in relationship with horses, I felt at home there.

I have spent the last 20 years immersed in the equine industry, from spending time at summer camps, to receiving education in equine science, to working in the breeding shed and now to running a retreat space where we partner with horses to empower self awareness and leadership, and the horses have taught me much.

Whether you are a seasoned horse person, or someone that is new to the path and curious as to why we are drawn to the language and space of the horse, this podcast will speak to you.  In it I talk about the layers of language of horses, how they speak to us, how we can deepen into this partnership and what is the symbolism of them when they start to show up in our lives.

Tune in as I speak to the symbolism and language of horses and how we can begin to understand them in a more conscious way.